11/21/2017 9:39:29 AM

Quimera Is The Rarest Cat In The World – Mother Nature Gave Her An Unbelievable Gift – She’s Spectacular!

Nature surely is one mad scientist, isn’t She?

We’ve seen some incredible things in the animal kingdom, from exceedingly strange litters to amazingly intelligent pets.

But this one might top them all.

Welcome to the Argentinian cat that is rapidly becoming an internet phenomenon:

Her name is Quimera and it honestly looks as if she’s two cats in one.

She is the ultra-rare result of what scientists call a “Genetic Chimera,” where an otherwise normal organism is composed of two eggs.

This means the resulting lifeform has two completely different sets of DNA!

Now, it is possible that Quimera might just be a “mosaic,” which is far more common; this is where a single egg has two or more genetic cell lines.

But her division is so perfect and pronounced, many like to believe she is indeed a Genetic Chimera.


And here’s the fun part:

Nobody has any idea from which two species of cat she sprang…so the true origin of her amazing look may never be determined.

Right now, there’s just no way to know.

But one thing is for certain:

Quimera has become an internet star; she already has over 52K followers on her Instagram account, and you can see why.

She really is one of the most stunning creatures you’ll ever see!

Maybe we don’t need an answer to the mystery…maybe her beauty doesn’t require an explanation.

Let’s just indulge, shall we?