2/10/2019 12:49:05 AM

Puppy’s Ankles Tied With Rubber Bands And Then Dumped, Abuser Still Not Found

Using rubber bands on animals is seen as a form of animal cruelty, as the innocent-looking thin bands can result in slow, deep wounds in the animals.

Occurrences of people using rubber bands to shut their dog’s barking, often end badly.


Facebook/Arizona Humane Society


A 7-week-old puppy was found dumped in Arizona, with rubber bands tightly tied around his ankles. A Good Samaritan noticed the suffering animal and alerted the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), who rushed to the pup’s rescue.

The volunteers took the puppy to the vet’s, where it was found that his feet were badly swollen, and the circulation to his feet was almost gone. The puppy was unable to walk and he was immediately assigned to laser therapy and warm compresses.


Facebook/Arizona Humane Society


Nine days into treatment, the puppy responded well as his circulation improved, and the scabs and damaged tissues began to heal. He even started to smile at his caregivers! The AHS introduced the puppy to the world via social media, and named him Little Foot.



Facebook/Arizona Humane Society


Their Facebook post received tons of support from the pet-lovers, as people relentlessly prayed for Little Foot’s recovery. AHS was so relieved to see people already lining up to adopt him once he recovers!


Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

Little Foot is currently recovering in a foster home, while his abuser is yet to be found. We hope people become more responsible while dealing with these little, delicate babies. Nothing can justify this kind of animal cruelty. Our prayers are with Little Foot. We hope to see him playing happily again soon!

Click the video below to watch Little Foot receive his treatment!

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