2/14/2019 12:18:21 AM

Pup Found In Ditch With Snout Taped Shut, Still Wags Tail At Everyone He Meets

Last month, a man named Bob walked up to the front counter of Griffith Animal Hospital in Griffith, Indiana, saying he found a little dog by the bridge in a ditch. He put him in his jacket and immediately went to the animal hospital for help.

But this wasn’t just any little dog. Bob quickly lifted the pup up at the front counter to reveal his mouth that was taped shut with strong black electrical tape.


Vet Phillips swiftly cut the tape off and examined him for other injuries. The dog’s hair and skin under the tape was almost raw and had a rotting flesh smell, which means the tape was there for at least a couple of days.

The vet examined the pup for other injuries and tried to get some food into his emaciated body. The pup happily ate for the first time in who knows long. He snuggled up in a pile of warm, comfy blankets with a stuffed animal and was in pure bliss. The hospital staff was speechless and watched the pup through tears as he ate and wagged his tail.


“We try our very best to help every creature that comes our way and we have to acknowledge that someone in our area is that mean, hateful to do something like this to an innocent pup,” Griffith Animal Hospital wrote in a Facebook post.

It’s unknown who did this to the poor pup, but some think he may have been a bait pup who was discarded like trash.


Mary Connors Witting

Thankfully, the pup was treated and has made a full recovery. He even found his forever home!

Ten years ago, Mary Connors Witting left Griffith Animal Hospital with tears in their eyes as they just had to put down their beloved dog. On that exact day, ten years later, Mary and her husband left the same hospital with their new pup!

Mary Connors Witting

They decided to name him Louie, and he has settled well into their home. He is loving every minute of snuggling on the couch, playing with new toys and getting spoiled.


Mary even brought Louie back to the hospital to reunite with Bob. Louie thanked Bob for saving his life by giving him a hug and kisses on his face.

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