3/4/2019 10:44:48 PM

Punish teenagers that strapped fireworks to dog’s tail for laughs!

I recently came across a disturbing video that shows a group of teenagers abusing an innocent dog. The video was being actively shared, but it seems like no justice has been achieved in this case. I am asking each of you to support this campaign against these monsters!

The video is about 30 seconds long and involves four teenagers – three were directly involved in the action, while another yob was filming the scene. The heartless thugs could be seen holding down a harmless dog, tying firecrackers to his tail and moving away. In just a matter of seconds, the crackers go off, as the terrified animal quickly runs away. I can only imagine what this poor dog must have felt in those critical moments. Meanwhile, the teens can be heard laughing out loudly. To them, hurting animals is nothing but a source of entertainment. None of them seem to show any remorse whatsoever for their actions.

According to numerous comments posted online, this shocking incident unfolded somewhere in Bangladesh, a country with no animal welfare laws whatsoever. Bringing the heartless people to justice will therefore not be possible, because technically, their actions are not against the law.

I started this to demand a profound and deep reform that would allow animals to be protected and cruelty to animals be made against the law in Bangladesh. Each year, thousands and thousands of animals are abused and mistreated and no one ever is held accountable. The government itself has initiated numerous campaign to poison stray dogs, who are considered a nuissance. This is nothing short of outrageous and unacceptable.

Please share this campaign to support animal rights in Bangladesh. The rampant cruelty towards animals there must be immediately addressed. There has been too much suffering and it all needs to end. Abusing animals must become illegal and each perpetrator must to be brought to justice, with no exceptions!

Thank you for your support.


This is the moment the teens strap fireworks to the dog’s tail

They can be heard laughing, making the most of this experience

Once the crackers set off, the scared dog runs as fast as he can

In the meantime, more laughter can be heard in the background