7/7/2018 11:12:46 PM

Kitten Sneaks In Through Open Window, Decides To Adopt The Man Who Lives There

A kitty hopped into a house he liked through an open window and decided to stay.


It came as a shocking surprise to Nigeltown, the owner of the house. When he returned home after his day’s work, he spotted the creature sitting comfortably in his chair.

Well, the kitty clearly showed no sign of leaving. Nigeltown never imagined that the open window was an invitation to the kitty to break in and enter. He quickly captured the kitty in his cellphone that stared back fearlessly.

The kitty was peacefully relaxing in the chair. He knew that he has found his purrfect place. Nigeltown quickly rushed to a grocery store to get some food for the kitty. The kitty was very happy. He was constantly meowing to show how glad he was.

The kitty did not have a collar, but still Nigeltown searched for his owner around the neighbourhood. There wasn’t a person in his neighbour who owned a cat. Meanwhile, the kitty was unhappy to be left alone.

He even took him to a vet in order to search for a microchip. But instead of the microchip, the vet found some fleas and infection. Then he prescribed some medicines for the kitty. The kitty is now safe and happy in his purrfect home.