Model Caught Kicking Her Dog Repeatedly In Stomach – Gets Probation In Plea Deal


Dog Abandoned At A Vet Clinic Barely Even Looked Like A Dog At All

“He sat there with love in his little eyes — like he knew he had finally been saved." [...]

Two Homeless Mother Dogs Found Nursing Puppies Together In Alley

Two stray female dogs were doing their best to keep their puppies safe by working together. The unusual pairing came to the attention of Northwest Dog Project (NDP) after a Good Samaritan found the mama dogs and their litters in an alleyway in Los Angeles, California. [...]

Cold and Hungry, Friendly Homeless Dog Was Waiting For Someone To Save Her

A friendly homeless dog was cold and hungry and in danger of being euthanized at a Romanian pound when Howl Of A Dog came to the rescue. Harper was pulled from the shelter underweight and with her paws red and swollen from the wet and cold concrete floors. [...]

German Shepherd Just Ate But How He Asks For More Food Is Hilarious

Apollo the German Shepherd just ate, but immediately asks for seconds. This is him trying to tell his human to feed him some more food! [...]

8 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

There is a large body of scientific evidence to support that dogs do indeed love their people. Every dog owner knows this to be true. Puppy love is the real deal, and our dogs prove it to us everyday with these 8 fur ball ways of saying, “I love you.” [...]

Sweet 14-Year-Old Shelter Dog Gets Adopted Just In Time For Christmas

Her old family had dropped her off right before the holidays 💔 [...]

Grumpy Husky Hilariously Doesn’t Want to Play Santa’s Reindeer In Photoshoot

When it comes to Christmas photoshoots, Anuko the Husky makes his opinion very clear, he doesn’t want to play your reindeer games. [...]

Magician Puts On A Show For Shelter Dogs — And Their Reactions Are Priceless

"Performing for them was nothing short of incredible." [...]

Dog Saved From Death Row Couldn’t Stop Loving His Rescuer In The Most Adorable Ways

Dog saved from death row couldn't stop loving his rescuer in the most adorable ways [...]

Puppy Taking His Last Breaths In Gutter Rescued Just In Time

His moans are heartbreaking to hear, but watch what rescuers do. 💕💕 [...]