7/9/2018 2:53:20 PM

Cat Clings To Stuffed Animal In Shelter, After Owner Passes Away

We all need a friend to cuddle with when we are going through a tough time. Hoonie, a 16-year-old-cat, only has his ragged stuffed cat to comfort him when his beloved owner passed away.

Hoonie was brought to Alley Cat Rescue in Brentwood, Maryland clinging to his stuffed friend. He would not let the stuffed animal out of his sight or grasp. The shelter learned that the toy was given to Hoonie by his owner years ago. Unfortunately, it was all he had left.

The daughter of the previous owner could not keep the cat, because she was allergic. She wanted to find him a good home, so she reached out to Alley Cat Rescue. The rescue welcomed Hoonie with open arms.

They observed his behavior to accurately write a bio about him for their adoption page. The staff members noticed that the stuffed animal was what he loved most. He is getting special attention by one staff member as an office cat. “He is in one of my co-workers’ office to help him get adjusted to everything. Our headquarters is free-roaming for the cats but we decided that it would be best for Hoonie to have a space of his own,” Alley Cat Rescue tells Love Meow.

The shelter has never seen a cat so attached to a stuffed animal. It is a source of comfort and support for the senior. He can be heard meowing loudly from a distance. Once a person enters the room he quiets down. He likes to be around people, and is said to love to lay in your lap.


Photo: Facebook/ Alley Cat Rescue

Currently, Hoonie loves to watch cars goes by in the window and cuddle with his stuffed friend, while he waits for his forever home. There are multiple applications submitted for Hoonie, so he should be in his forever home soon.

Shelter life is hard on all cats, especially senior cats who are used to their old homes. You can help shelter cats in need and reward your own with Rescue Box!