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Boat Captain Saves Cat That Was Thrown Off A Bridge

Jordan Smith works as a boat captain at Let’s Fish Destin Charter in Destin, Florida.

Source: Jordan Smith via Facebook

During his fishing trips, Smith usually passes by the Marler Bridge. In his time as a captain, Smith has seen people throw many things off this bridge, but usually, it’s just trash.

And so, when Smith saw a man throw something off the bridge in June 2017, he didn’t think anything of it at first.

“I just saw something out of the corner of my eye,” Smith told NWF Daily News. “I saw some movement. Then I heard splat! Splat! I thought someone threw some trash down.”

But when the thing got closer to Smith, he realized that it wasn’t trash—it was a cat with big orange eyes. The cat looked up at Smith, and she seemed to say ‘save me.’

Smith immediately grabbed a net and scooped the scared cat out of the water. Smith held the shaking cat and quickly started moving towards the shore. He was so focused on the cat, he hit the bridge twice. Thankfully, his boat was sturdy!

Source: Jordan Smith via Facebook

Smith took the cat to HarborWalk, a beachfront area with shops and restaurants. He brought the cat to his friend Nicole Manard’s shop and asked her to watch the cat while he finished his charter. Manard agreed—she wanted to help the cat as badly as Smith did.

While Smith finished his charter, Manard took the cat to the veterinarian, where she received some much-needed care.

Source: Jordan Smith via Facebook

Once the cat was healthy, Smith went to pick her up. Smith had fallen in love with the cat, and he decided to adopt her. He named her Miracle.


Source: Jordan Smith via Facebook

On Facebook, Smith shared a photo of the cat moments after her miraculous rescue.

The photo quickly went viral, and it’s been shared over 11,000 times. Many people were moved by the story, and they’ve sent Smith food, toys, and donations.

Smith was amazed by all the attention his story received. He told NWF Daily News:

“It definitely has been an experience. I definitely wasn’t expecting all the hype for something that should have done to begin with.”

Source: 105.3 KZN via Facebook

Miracle doesn’t realize that she’s become internet famous. All she knows is that she’s found a wonderful dad and a great place to call home!

In the year since Smith adopted her, Miracle has grown more and more comfortable in Smith’s home. Miracle loves cuddling with Smith, and she has also become good friends with his dog Aspen, a Husky-German Shepherd mix.

Source: Jordan Smith via Facebook

Police officers are still looking for the person who threw Miracle off the bridge, but unfortunately, they haven’t been able to find them. We may never know who the cruel person was who decided to throw Miracle off the side of a bridge, but one thing is for sure: she’s in a great home now. We’re so happy Smith and Miracle found each other!

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Source: NWF Daily News